Enter each URL in new line and click the Open Links button. The application will then open all the pages in separate tabs of the browser. And more, the app accepts many kind of input of links text, you can see Demo for details.
You may skip the scheme (protocol) part for "http://" or "https://" sites. For example -- instead of full url https://google.com, you may just type google.com and the https:// part will be automatically added.
There are some quick buttons suh as Open Links, Clear and Save which are listed the textarea below you may want to use:
Open Links: It will open all links which are inputted in textarea.
Clear: It will clear all the current URLs and paste the clipboard content in textarea.
Save: It will save these links you inputed as a URL, you can visit the URL in future by storing it to bookmark.
Note: The website address you saved will be retained for 30 days after your last visit. To keep your web address active, you must visit the website address at least once within 30 days. Alternatively, you can Purchase it to keep your address permanently.
In order to use this tool, please ensure that your web browser is set to allow pop-up windows. For Google Chrome, please access chrome://settings/content/popups and select Sites can send pop-ups and use redirects. Could you please refer to the image below ?